How Covid-19 Has Changed The Marketing World

Over the last few months, the world around us has changed immensely. Covid-19 has impacted many aspects of our lives and the business world has been no different. Whether you provide a product or a service, your business is likely to have been greatly impacted by pandemic.

Ultimately, whether companies have sunk or sailed during this particularly tough period, has came down to whether or not they were willing or able to adapt their strategy in order to effectively navigate the ‘new normal.’ 

Covid-19’s impact on creative teams

The pandemic has clearly shown which businesses are dominating online and which have been left behind with traditional, old marketing methods. All in all, businesses have been increasingly realising the importance of digital marketing methods like SEO and PPC in order to maintain growth and sales,  particularly during unprecedented times.

The pandemic has seen creative departments such as Marketing, taking the front seat as businesses increasingly relied on them to develop new strategies and help ensure business continuity. With many companies tailoring their products, services and operations during this period, having creative teams to develop and manage changes in strategy, tone, messaging and consumer communication has been essential in ensuring business continuity during the economic downturn.

Savvy businesses have come out on top by investing in their creative teams and adapting their marketing methods in order to leverage the decline in competition and get easier and faster results. 

Savvy businesses have come out on top by investing in their creative teams and adapting their marketing methods

What does the future look like for marketing, post lockdown?

Ultimately, the future of Marketing is consumer-led and success will be determined by how quickly and effectively businesses can adapt to evolving customer needs. Marketing strategies will need to reflect the change in consumerism and how people shop now. Essentially, to keep up with these consumer changes, businesses will need to double down on their engagement efforts.

Leading brands are already ahead of the curve. Nike is asking customers to “play inside, play for the world” which was backed up by them waiving fees for premium programming on the Nike Training Club app. “They’re still inspiring people to move, which is true to their brand — but they’re doing it in a way that embraces that sense of community that’s needed right now,” said Neha Singh, managing director of marketing and innovation at BAM Communications.

Businesses within the sports industry particularly have been early adapters during lockdown, with many using creative marketing and advertising to get consumers to rethink traditional fitness and creating a whole new world of virtual fitness classes from people’s homes. 

As we continue to move our lives online, how businesses respond will play a major role in their success. Research from Klarna and Retail Economics has found that 71% of British consumers are reluctant to shop in store in the lead up to Christmas and 56% say they expect to do more online shopping this year than they have in previous years. It’s predicted that Christmas shopping will be brought sooner this year as people worry with 37% of respondents claiming they will actively avoid physical retail spaces ‘as much as possible’ during the festive period. Businesses that set out to grow their online presence and dominate search engines have a higher chance of success.

It’s about adaption and flexibility!

Future-proofing your business

Think about what your brand and industry can bring to the table? How have you adapted and what can you offer to your potential customers? How can you connect with your community in this ‘new normal’ to showcase your product and brand?

If you are ready to take your marketing to new heights and drive longterm business growth, we believe a top team that loves what they do is a great place to start!

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